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Letter: Investing in community

To the editor:

April marks the celebration of Community Banking Month. On behalf of all community banks, I thank the Rosemount community for trusting us to meet your everyday banking needs. It is a privilege to provide personalized services for our customers and do it responsibly.

Dedicated professionals work in independent, locally owned banks across our state. Together, we strive not only to serve our customers but also reinvest in our local communities. That makes me proud to say I'm a community banker.

Community banks are relationship builders that flourish when their customers and communities do the same. Taking care of customers and looking out for the best interest of local communities is the community banking business model.

Community banks survive because of their relationships with customers. If you want to be treated as more than an account number, I encourage you to visit a community bank near you. What better time to do so than Community Banking Month.

Mark Toombs


Mark Toombs is president of the First State Bank of Rosemount.