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Letter: Keep snowmobiles off pedestrian pathways

To the editor:

As a resident of Rosemount, I am hoping this matter can be addressed as it really ruins the quality of life in a very nice place to live.

The one issue I am curious: Why it is ignored snowmobilers are disregarding the law and riding on sidewalks when covered by snow?

For example, after the biggest snowfalls this winter snowmobile operators rode all over sidewalks/pedestrian pathways on Bonaire Path, Bacardi, Akron Ave and Connemara Trail West then packed ice and snow down on the sidewalks/pathways that the city plow could only remove partially, leaving a mess for anyone trying to walk or run on pathway that is only for pedestrians.

I know the city can fine violators for riding on the sidewalks/pathways, but clearly this is not being enforced in Rosemount. Please for the sake of us who walk and run on those designated sidewalks/pathways, put up signs and start ticketing violators — I do believe it is a serious safety issue as it means people have to walk in the streets because the snowmobiles have packed ice and snow down that is difficult and hazardous to walk on.

Jonathan Yuhas