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Letter: Rosemount should mourn loss of funeral escorts

To the editor:

Rosemount Chief of Police Scott Mitchell has put a stop to escorting funerals. It is a sad day for the citizens Rosemount.

The Rosemount police have been wonderful, along with most, if not all of the cities in our area including the Dakota County Sheriff's Office, for as long as we can remember. (We have been in business for over 100 years). A lot of these cities do not have community service officers either and still escort funerals.

When Mitchell was at Apple Valley, he put an end to this also but now that he is gone, Apple Valley is again escorting funerals.

These funeral processions are maybe a few blocks to the two cemeteries in Rosemount, which take no more than 15 minutes.

You would think that Rosemount citizens, most of whom have been paying taxes for decades, would deserve to have their city police escort them to their final resting place, when available and in the city limits.

This has a huge positive impact on how the citizens view the police. Most of the time when people see the Rosemount police with lights flashing in their rearview mirror or knocking on their door, it is bad news.

But this is something that the police and city can do that is positive for the people of Rosemount not to mention great public relations. The escorted processions are a lot of times what families mention in our surveys as one of the best things about the funeral.

I have been a funeral director for 26 years and my father has been a funeral director for over 60 and never have we ever had an issue with something going wrong on a police-led funeral procession. When we go from city to city, we hire motorcycle escort services that costs the family $265.

I invite city leaders to discuss this topic with fellow mayors and police chiefs, along with the Dakota County Sheriff's Office to get their view on why they have this service for their citizens and why they think it's important.

John P. White


John White owns White Funeral Homes including locations in Farmington and Lakeville