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Letter: Time for a new approach on gun violence

To the editor:

Considering the numbers of school shootings just in the first two months of 2018, it is clear that what the government is doing regarding gun control, is not working. I am a retired teacher, and I can tell you absolutely, that teachers do not need more teacher training or lockdown drills to prepare for such events. We have that in spades. And we certainly do not need guns in the schools. We need gun control.

I ask legislators to:

• Move to repeal the Dickey Amendment. We need to have federal dollars flowing to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to support the research of the effects of gun violence on Americans. This issue is a public health issue.

• Ban assault weapons for the public. (Feinstein)

• Ban access to military weapons for those not in the military

• Ban gun purchases for the mentally ill

• Return the power of the FBI to screen for mental health and block the sale of guns to the mentally ill. The agency needs tool to do its job, not the blame for failure of our government to act on the issue of gun control.

It is important that the tragic deaths of victims of gun violence stand for something. Gun control is the answer.

Cathy Johnson