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Letter: Wills supports Rosemount schools

To the editor,

As a parent with a son at Rosemount High School I am writing you to show my support for our District’s House of Representative Anna Wills.

Rep. Wills has supported bills that help our school district and has the needs of our community in mind.

District 196 is the fourth largest school district in Minnesota and operates the largest district-owned bus fleet in the state, but only had one bus transportation facility. Rep. Wills worked with District 196 leaders and co-authored a bill to allow District 196 to use lease levy funding to purchase a second bus transportation facility that will save District 196 $500,000 a year.

Rep. Wills recognized a need for additional funding for the school lunch program because of a mandate from Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius that no school is allowed to turn away a child if he or she can’t afford lunch. She authored a bill to provide an additional $3.5 million in funding for the school lunch program so no child goes without lunch at school and voted for similar legislation authored by Rep. Yvonne Selcer.

Rep. Wills has even visited all the schools in our district, showing that she truly cares about the teachers and students here in District 196.

My family and I are proud to support Rep. Anna Wills for re-election to the Minnesota House of Representatives because she has a great working relationship with District 196 and is a strong advocate for our community.

Kyla Burgoyne,