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Letter: Wills supports reconstruction of the Hwy 52 & CR 42 interchange

To editor:

A Minnesota Department of Transportation study was conducted in 2002 that identified several safety and traffic problems associated with the Hwy 52/CR 42 interchange. There is no left turn lane on county road 42 for a driver trying to access Hwy 52 north. The amount of westbound traffic during rush hour frequently causes backups since vehicles continuing eastbound cannot get past the vehicles waiting to turn. This interchange has several other visibility problems, i.e. turning onto eastbound 42 from the 52 South exit, and should be considered for upgrades.

Rep. Anna Wills (R – Apple Valley, Coates, Rosemount), working with the Rosemount mayor Bill Droste, was the chief author a bill during 2013 (HF 1368) to obtain $25M in state funding to reconstruct the Hwy 52 and CR 42 interchange. Amazingly this bill was not even given a hearing by the DFL controlled Minnesota House! Rep. Wills is focused on the right priorities and is not giving up and will continue to seek the funding needed to fix this long recognized transportation problem. This problem was recognized 12 years ago and it is way passed time to do something about it. Her support of district issues is why I am supporting Rep.Anna Wills for re-election to House District 57B.

Timothy Hayes,