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Letter: Wills supports free-market healthcare

To the editor,

If the disastrous website rollout, thousands of people losing insurance, and the withdrawal from MNSURE (Minnesota’s Obamacare) of the program’s most popular insurance carrier haven’t caused enough pain from the failed program, there’s more pain to come. 

The Obama administration has delayed 21 Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare) provisions until after the 2014 elections. These delays until 2015 or 2016 include delaying the employer mandate to provide coverage for employees or pay a fine, delaying the enforcement of subscriber ACA eligibility requirements, delaying the ACA driven Medicare Advantage cuts, delaying ACA income verification, delaying ACA caps on patient out-of-pocket expenses, and delaying the individual mandate for those who have lost their insurance.  The Obama administration also delayed the cancellation of some non-qualifying insurance policies to allow consumers who like their previous policies to keep their previous policies, but again only until 2015. 

Why would the pain of Obamacare/MNSURE be delayed until after the 2014 election?  Answer — because the pain for consumers and patients will increase when these provisions are enacted in 2015 or 2016.  More people will lose their coverage, costs will rise for families, government fines will be levied, and choices in the health insurance market will be fewer.

Rep. Anna Wills (R- Apple Valley) believes in a free market healthcare system where consumers decide what insurance coverage they want, and patients and doctors are in control of health care decisions.  That is why I am supporting Rep. Wills for state representative for House District 57B.

Pat Staley,