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Editorial: Get informed on school votes

There was an unsettling comment made Monday at a public meeting to discuss the Farmington School District’s upcoming levy and bond votes.

During a discussion in which parents urged the district to do a better job of communicating the reasons for the votes, one participant suggested even great communication will not make a difference for some potential voters.

“There’s lots of parents that don’t want to know,” she said. “They want to keep their head in the sand because they’ve already made their minds up.”

That’s likely a troubling comment for the school district, but there is evidence to support the claim. The parent in question was one of, by our count, nine people at Monday’s meeting who didn’t work for either the school district or a local newspaper. That’s a pretty small turnout considering how important these votes will be.

We’re not saying residents should necessarily support the two ballot questions. The tax increases that will come if the questions pass will have an impact on personal budgets. But whether you vote yes or no, make your vote informed. Learn why the district is asking for this money and what will happen if voters say no.

That’s not just the case in Farmington, either. Rosemount voters have their own levy question to consider. It’s no less important for them to get involved.

There is still more than a month before the Nov. 3 vote. That’s plenty of time to get the information you need. We hope you take advantage.