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Chuck Brooks' column: There is magic to be found at Rosemount High School

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in the land of Rosemount, a structure was built. It was intended to house young people of all ages as well as all shapes and sizes. This building would provide these young people the necessary tools by which to face an eventual life of hurdles and challenges as well as a world of opportunities. Life was good in the land of Rosemount.

The time came, however, when this structure wouldn’t be large enough to hold a community that was growing by leaps and bounds. So, in the land of Rosemount, a second building was erected. It was, in fact, placed in Rosemount’s loveliest valley. Everyone said, “That will do. Our children will have room here to grow and learn and be successful.” And all of Rosemount was happy.

Alas, however. The building soon would not be large enough to provide for all the people coming to the kingdom of Rosemount. A bordering community named Apple Valley had blossomed over the years and the decision was made to build another edifice for similar purposes as the one in Rosemount. This building, however, would have plenty of room for many of the young residents of both Apple Valley and Rosemount, so some of the children from Rosemount left on a journey to inhabit the new and mighty school in Apple Valley. There were also adults from Rosemount’s building who decided they would seek similar opportunities for themselves that they believed this new structure in Apple Valley would provide.

In Apple Valley, all were happy with the latest addition to their community: a new and shiny construct with all the latest inventions and gadgets.

However, the once-happy and full school in Rosemount became sad and despondent. Many in Rosemount wondered if they would ever again know the happiness that was once theirs.

It took several years for this older building in Rosemount to regain its self-esteem and experience success in all the programs it offered its inhabitants. The community once again was alive and growing and soon, “the little school that could” felt a sense relief and hope for an even healthier future.

Once again, however, the structure overflowed with young people from all over. “We must build yet another school!” was the cry throughout the land. This time, the newest addition would be located in yet another neighboring kingdom called Eagan. With one more year ahead of them, a group of the older adolescents had to decide whether they should stay with Rosemount or be part of the opening of yet another new and fantastic center for learning.

And again, the little school in the valley’s heart was broken. Many of its occupants yet again pulled up stakes and traveled to Eagan to be a part of the latest and greatest in inventive structures. How ever would Rosemount survive this latest progressive venture? How indeed.

But survive it she did. Rosemount’s educational community once again began from the ground up and restocked and retrained the young and the old. Programs would need time to regain their levels of success, but everyone in the kingdom of Rosemount was determined stronger than ever. The land of the Irish knew there was something “special” about their kingdom.

Rosemount could finally raise its head proudly and announce to the kingdoms around them, “We’re back and better than ever!” It wasn’t long, though, before the walls of Rosemount’s little school were again bulging with numbers of bodies and the cry from within the kingdoms was heard again, “We MUST build yet another school!” This time they returned to Apple Valley to build yet a second edifice of might and grandeur. The people of Rosemount said finally, “We want to be equal to all the other halls of education in our land. Please help us provide our young people with all the opportunities the other schools can provide their teenage inhabitants.”

Their wish was granted. Not once, not twice, but three times this “little school that could” rebuilt itself from within. People speculated, “There’s something magical going on in that valley.”

The sentiment continues today to visit the tongues of those who are part of this wonderful kingdom. Though their mission never diminished, that special “something” always gave the people hope. Is it a magical place? Why does it “feel” different there?

Many believe the magic is in the heart of all who fill its halls. That’s good enough for me.