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Chuck Brooks' column: Holiday thoughts from the mouths of babes

We have arrived. It is the end of the first four months of school, and now we all have begun a two-week adventure into relaxation. Or at least I have.

The school is shut down, for the most part. The halls and classrooms are idle and empty. A building which houses so much life goes lifeless for now. I think she needs a recharge period, and what better time than now for her?

Meanwhile, the kids are enjoying the beginning of their “winter break.” “Winter Break.” Funny how, over time, semantics can suddenly be such a concern for some people. Give me the old school approach any day.

As I mentioned last week, I thought it appropriate to hear from the kids again. The question I posed to my freshmen if they wanted to respond was this: “What is it about this time of the year that you love?” For the second time this year, I give you “From The Mouths Of Babes.” Enjoy!

“I love this season because it seems as though everything has been purified by the snow and holiday spirit leading into the new year.”

“During this time of the year, I love the way it looks outside. The snow hanging on the trees. Lakes covered in snow.”

“I love seeing everyone so happy.”

“I love playing in the snow, making snow angels. Also, it seems everyone is in a better mood.”

“I love the sounds of the seasons. Oh, and the presents.”

“The fresh smell of sugar cookies at home and all of the beautiful lights.”

“The thing I love most about winter is being able to curl up with a book and hot chocolate in my pajamas all day.”

“I love watching Christmas movies and eating cookies.”

“I love the feeling this time of the year has. Full of joy and happiness.”

“I love the feeling of togetherness in the school, my family and the community.”

“The lights at night, to see what colors people chose and how extreme people went.”

“I enjoy the wonder in the season. The lights, the snow, the music and the happiness.”

“I enjoy wearing ugly sweaters.”

“The joy and willingness to open up your heart to others, and the spirit and happiness that everyone feels.”

“I love to see all the lights, and to see other people in good moods.”

“I really like listening to Christmas music on the radio.”

“People coming together, helping one another. Bright lights on the Christmas tree and decorating.”

“I really like the snow, fun and general coziness of snowy nights at home.”

“I love how the cold weather forces people to stay indoors and to spend time with their families regardless of if they want to or not.”

With that last genuine response regarding family, I thought I would end with this final contribution. I received many statements regarding the topic of family, but I thought this one said it succinctly without losing its impact.

“Spending time with my family and all the happiness.”

There you have it. From the mouths of babes. Freshmen, to be precise. This is what’s on their minds each and every day as we have inched closer to the holidays. I think it’s safe to say this is what’s on the minds of most of the kids in this building. They are kids after all. We adults are the ones with the responsibilities, but the kids have the good fortune to enjoy the season built for them and the young at heart.

I hope you’re able to create memories with your family and friends this year. Enhance the season. Next year, you’ll have more memories which will cause an extra smile.

May the next days be all you hoped for and we’ll see you one more time in 2013. Ho. Ho. Ho.