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Rosemount Port Authority discusses retail updates, city staff strategies

ROSEMOUNT — Another potential user has shown interest in land at UMore Park.

Kim Lindquist, community development director for Rosemount, gave a retail strategies update during the Rosemount Port Authority meeting Jan. 15.

"There is movement on some projects finally that we have been talking about for several months, and we are finally getting some people applying," Lindquist said.

Retail updates

The former Applebee's property representative indicated there is an agreement in the works with a financial service company. City planning staff have been in talks with a user that plans to make a formal appearance before Rosemount City Council later this month.

City staff received an application at the Rosemount Planning Commission review for a multi-tenant building. This will be addressed during the Jan. 22 commission meeting.

"We are getting a fair amount of calls primarily on residential, but we are getting more inquiries in total," Lindquist said.

Lindquist does not have any more information about the potential user, but said she is awaiting a nondisclosure agreement.

"We are kind of re-ramping that up because of the Vermillion Crossing and the University properties on the west side of DCTC (Dakota County Technical College)," Lindquist said. "We have had a lot of utility studies and now we are going to plan out the whole thing with the idea that both of these things could be happening simultaneously."

City Council member Heidi Freske asked Lindquist about the streamlining process in regards to navigating the communications and responding to various parties.

"Do you think we have made headway where it will be easier next time or are there still some roadblocks?" Freske asked. "Or is there an action plan and how do we make it easier I guess?"

Lindquist said she has spoken with the parties to improve communications and to discuss roles for each party.

"Often the property owner is much more involved with responding to the RFP (requests for proposals) and typically the city and Xcel have been the primary," Lindquist said. "I am pretty hopeful that things will be better."

Other updates

City staff are awaiting a response about a potential user in the acquisition of Merchants Bank.

Lindquist said that one owner asked the city about plans for a recreational facility and asked if there is any interest in working with the city about placement of the recreational center on site.

Also, in the Akron Avenue area, Lindquist said Lennar is planning to propose construction of the remaining residential townhome properties.

The realtor for the MGM retail space indicates it is working with a potential client.

The city has also taken part in conversations with a national auto parts store about potential interest in lots at Rosewood Center. The interested party has requested a scaled survey of lots one and two in Block 1. The party is curious about setbacks and encroachments and the city is working with the party to get them requested information.

This summer a national sandwich restaurant will be housed next to the McDonald's.

"We made our initial outreach to them at the beginning of the summer and are thrilled it has been completed and they, along with another restaurant will only leave 2,092 square feet open in this tenant strip and we are working to fill this last space," Lindquist said.