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Letters to the editor: Vikings Brotherly Love spread to 50 states; Big money and politics

Vikings Brotherly Love spread to 50 states

We appreciate your paper covering the Vikings Brotherly Love campaign and wanted to give your readers an update.

Since we started the page, we have raised nearly $15,000 for the Eagles Charitable Foundation. The response from Vikings fans and, surprisingly, Eagles fans, has been just incredible!

We have had the campaign shared more than 5,000 times and received donations from people in all 50 states. Reading the comments on the page, it's clear so many people want to take part in this act of kindness and sportsmanship.

We have also seen incredible support from some amazing Eagles fans who have apologized for the behavior of a select few and applaud the classiness of people in our community to rise above. The kindness seed that was planted has also kept spreading and several people in Philly began to call for Eagles fans to turn around and donate back to the Mike Zimmer Foundation as a result of this campaign.

The media response has been amazing and a bit overwhelming as well. My husband and I fielded calls from more than a dozen reporters and did eight interviews, including three out of four broadcast TV networks in Philadelphia.

We closed the campaign just before the Super Bowl and all the money will be given directly to the Eagles Charitable Foundation through GoFundMe.

We are excited to see how this money can help benefit the great programs they run for kids from low-income families in the Philadelphia area.

It always seems like there's no shortage of bad news to be had, but it was wonderful to see such a collective act of kindness and goodwill spread. It really goes to show there are incredible people all over the country, and that a wonderful pastime like football can have the power to unite us and not divide us.

It is wonderful to be a fan and cheer for your favorite team. But respect, kindness, sportsmanship and goodwill are things that continue long after the game clock runs out.

As parents of two young girls, we hope it is these lessons that will continue into the next generation. Kindness is always the right response.

Matt and Jessica Leibrock


Big money and politics

Why is it possible for the wealthy and big corporations to be able to buy unlimited advertisements, mailings and commercials both for and against candidates running for office?

Corporations and individuals were legally limited prior to January 2010, when the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case known as Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission which struck down as unconstitutional a federal law prohibiting corporations and unions from making expenditures in connection with federal elections. Source (Wikipedia).

Remember the "corporations are people" argument? Since that ruling, the dark money in all elections has skyrocketed. The pro-corporation conservative organization Citizens United is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) that can solicit unlimited funds to support or attack whoever best meets their agenda.

Countless other sham nonprofits can attack or endorse any candidate they choose. Big money is now down to the local level and you must decide who is funded by outside interests, with or without the candidate's OK. It is worth noting that the chairman of the misnamed Citizens United took a leave of absence in 2016 to become Donald Trump's deputy campaign manager.

Go to the polls Monday and vote your conscience. Don't let lies, slander and terrible pictures sway the way you vote.

Paul Swanstrom