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Rosemount City Council discusses city goals, priorities

ROSEMOUNT — Each year Rosemount City Council meets in work sessions to discuss long-term issues and set a vision with city goals and priorities.

The new City Council has spent time since the election getting to know each other to be able to form a new team dynamic, according to Rosemount City Administrator Logan Martin.

"This year was no different with the two new City Council members to make sure we are fully up to speed," Martin said. "We went a bit slower and we had a whole meeting where we just looked at where we have been in history just because they needed to know that to decide if we are on the right track."

Economic development, business attraction

After City Council adopts explicit goals, these serve as a roadmap that guides city staff in prioritizing workflows, budgeting discussions and objectives.

The council's discussion reconfirmed its priorities and goals are on the right track, Martin said.

"Council is always quick to say that economic development and business attraction are goals one, two and three on the list of five and that is really the case and was confirmed," Martin said.

The council will most likely approve the 2019 goals during its April 16 meeting.

In 2017, City Council worked with city staff to construct a five-year strategic plan or vision for the city moving forward through the year 2022.

"When we got together, it is a refresh or a check-in to see if we are going in the right direction and is Rosemount in 2022 still the right vision and it was a confirmation of that plan," Martin said.

Additional city staff

"The outcome of this discussion was that council directed city staff to hire another person to work with economic development that will focus on business recruitment, business attraction, business communication, marketing, messaging with the city where it is at, and where it is going," Martin said.

The new, full-time city staff hired will work under the direction of Kim Lindquist, the community development director.

"We will have another person to throw at this goal and that is really exciting," Martin said.

The new city staff member may be ready to start in May or June.

Public open house

The city continues to discuss its priority to gather information about the possibility of building a new recreation center within Rosemount.

In the first quarter, the council is working to become educated and ready to make big decisions that may include moving forward with the pursuit to build a new recreation center, Martin said.

"That is going to come to a head in the next month and a half with another public open house and a presentation to the council with what the architect has found," Martin said.

The city-hired architect will give a presentation to council at 6 p.m. April 23. This talk will present a financial analysis detailing potential costs to build a rec center facility. The information will also answer questions about how much a rec center would be projected to cost and whether the city could potentially lose or make money on a new recreation facility.

"We will look for a private-sector partner," Martin said. "The rubber is going to hit the road after that public open house and we get to hear from people to see if we are on the right track and then we will sit down and say 'OK, we are going to do this thing.'"

Retail strategies, housing

Another priority is to attract new retail business into the city of Rosemount.

"The retail stuff has been going well but we had a few hiccups losing Terry's Hardware and Applebee's, but it will be great to see Terry's now filled," Martin said. "We are hearing some traction on the Applebee's building, nothing concrete, but it is well positioned out there and people are excited about it, and it is going to happen and the market will take care of it."

A few new housing developments are also on the horizon for Rosemount.

"I think we (Rosemount) were the 11th-fastest growing suburb last year and how could we not be proud of that," Martin said. "Our teams have just been going gangbusters in terms of inspections and the planners needing to lay out these new neighborhoods and engineering doing utilities for these new neighborhoods."