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Greater MSP talks with Rosemount Port Authority about future development

There are monthly inquiries about open land within Rosemount.

Joel Akason, vice president of the Business Investment and Research with Greater MSP, spoke to Rosemount Port Authority at the Nov. 20 meeting about industrial business attraction.

The Greater MSP 2.0 focuses work on how to help cities thrive with themes of inclusive growth and economic development. Akason has served as a partner with the city to attract industrial business activities within UMore Park and Rosemount Business Park.

Rosemount Community Development Director Kim Lindquist invited Akason to speak after the Greater MSP's annual meeting took place Nov. 14.

"As in all the communities in this region, we spend a good amount of time with Rosemount to make sure we are working in the times that maybe they do not necessarily have all the local resources to execute on," Akason said. "We kind of fill that gap for a lot of people and for the entire region, but I spend time with all cities within Dakota County, including the City of Farmington," said Akason.

The business partnership has been in the works for eight years.

"There are a lot of partnerships around the region that have gotten themselves ready for potential development," Akason said. "In the case of Rosemount, there are definitely some large parcels of land that are future opportunities."

Rosemount Port Authority members asked Akason questions about what other land assets in the region are like in comparison to Rosemount.

Akason said he works hard to not have this become a competition amongst cities within the region because it is really about being positioned to compete against communities around the United States. Jobs are always the desired outcome from enticing a big company or new business to build or locate within a city.

"We do not get involved with downtowns or retail development because that is very much driven by communities and local leaders," Akason said. "We are really in position to identify some large-scale projects that are considering ample places across the county."

Work continues to identify projects and opportunities that may be well suited for the City of Rosemount since there are large parcels of land available for development.

"There are varying degrees of projects asking about opportunities on a monthly basis in Rosemount, and the activity level is high but there is nothing that is of concrete status at this time," Akason said. "But, we are diligently working on a handful of things at this time and hopefully one truly comes to fruition."