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Rosemount City Council discusses ATV, snowmobile ordinance

Rosemount City Council decided to delay action on the use of snowmobiles and recreational vehicles on public and private property.

"As the city of Rosemount continues to develop, we have received numerous complaints with regards to snowmobiles, ATVs and UTVs in residential areas," said Rosemount Police Chief Mitchell Scott.

In the past few years, the police department has received a few dozen noise complaint and other calls related to ATV use on private and public property, Rosemount City Administrator Logan Martin said.

The city of Rosemount maintains a city ordinance governing snowmobiles, but Martin said the ordinance does not fully address issues and complaints the city staff is receiving. City staff reviewed the current city ordinance as well as reviewing several other municipalities' ordinances governing snowmobiles and recreational vehicles on public and private property.

Under direction from city attorneys Mary Tietjen and Dan Fluegel, city staff believes the new ordinance could address concerns presented by residents.

After discussion, the council decided to delay taking action.

"At this time, they do not have any interest in discussing it any further because they heard from more and more residents," Martin said. "If and when we have a meeting, it will be open and we will bring in members of the snowmobile clubs and neighborhood clubs."

There are many questions to talk about regarding ATV usage on public streets as owners move their ATVs to gain access to trails.

Residents have defended riding dirt bikes and ATVs on their own land and do not want to be regulated on private property. But, some neighbors have complained about the level of noise, especially at night.

"The important message is that if we chose to re-engage in the issue, then we will do it in a public process where everyone can come and talk about it, and if the issue strikes a chord then we will deal with it again," Martin said.