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Huot vying for 57B seat

John HuotJohn Hout of Rosemount is making a bid for Minnesota House 57B. He seeks to represent the people of Rosemount, Apple Valley and Coates.

He is challenging Republican Anna Wills

“I am running to bring much needed change to the representation of our district in the Minnesota House. We currently have a representative who has become a very comfortable career politician,  running for a fourth term in office but unfortunately with very little to show for all that time,” Huot said.

He added that he hopes voters are as ready for change as he plans to bring the focus back to residents and communities.

“Instead of voting only with the party, I will be a representative who will put the needs of our district first. Together we will work hard to keep our schools great, do more than put patches on our roads and  bridges, and make our zoo a place that people will visit from all over.”

He has experience as a Realtor, firefighter, emergency medical technician and government relations specialist.

He also ran in 2016.