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Greystone neighborhood to expand, small townhome complex approved

An expansion east of the current Greystone development on Akron will add more than 180 new lots to the neighborhood. (Submitted Photo)

Residential development in Rosemount is continuing to expand. On Tuesday, Oct. 18, the Rosemount City Council approved updates to two existing developments.

The first will add 185 single-family homes to the neighborhood near Akron Avenue, while the second will update an existing site plan to add 11 townhomes on a small lot near the Rosemount water tower on Highway 42.

Greystone Neighborhood

Rosemount's Greystone neighborhood will be expanding, with a new design that adds more than 180 single-family split-level and two story homes on approximately 94 acres.

The second phase of Greystone, developed by CalAtlantic Homes, is located immediately east of the current development, at the corner of Akron Avenue and Bonaire Path, just north of County Road 42 in Rosemount.

The new neighborhood will connect to existing roadways in the Greystone neighborhood, and will eventually include direct access off Bonaire Path. A community park in the current development, set to open in 2017, will serve both neighborhoods.

Although the development is designed to also have an access point on the east side of the property, Community Development Director Kim Lindquist said she doesn't anticipate additional lots in that direction since that property is owned by Flint Hills Resources.

One concern for the neighborhood raised by the Rosemount Planning Commission is proximity to a Union Pacific Railroad line that runs diagonally along the north edge of the development.

In the current design there are no houses along the north side of the site, and the plan includes a buffer of trees and other foliage. The planned road access off Bonaire Path is also positioned as far from the railroad as feasible on the property, Lindquist said.

"This situation is closer than we would like, but given the constraints on the site, access has been one of the difficulties associated with development of this neighborhood," said Lindquist.

Given the proximity to the railway, council member Mark DeBettignies asked whether the city would consider including the railroad crossing at Bonaire Path as part of a quiet zone. In those areas, trains are not required to sound their horns, but that is not part of the project right now.

"Residents should know that if they're moving in there, there's no guarantee there would be a quiet zone," said council member Jeff Weisensel.

Council members also asked about potential plans to turn Bonaire Path from a gravel road into a paved road. Lindquist said that was not part of this development, but the city anticipates getting more requests for that change from residents as the neighborhood grows. Cost and assessments for paving would be reviewed at that time.

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, the Rosemount City Council approved a preliminary plat for the development, rezoned the area from agricultural preserve to a low density planned unit development, and approved a development agreement for the property.

Lindquist said she anticipates presenting a final plat for the property at the council's Nov. 1 meeting.

Rahns Ninth Addition

The Rosemount City Council also approved plans for a smaller development of 11 townhomes on a 1.5 acre property just east of the Rosemount water town near the intersection of Chippendale Avenue and Highway 42.

Community Development Director Kim Lindquist described the property as a "remnant" from a previous development that was originally approved in 1979. Most of the area around the property was developed in the '60s and '70s.

The townhome development by St. Croix Home Builders will include two-, three- and four-unit buildings, with a combined private driveway from 149th Street West.

"They're fit tightly into a site that's fairly difficult to develop," said Lindquist. "It is a fairly straightforward project — what's most unique about it is the previous history and the ability to try and fit something in that is consistent with the character of the other development around it."

"I've been waiting for this for 32 years now ... it's a great location, great access," said council member Mark DeBettignies.

The council approved an amendment to the Rahns Ninth Addition planned unit development, a simple plat, and a planned unit development agreement for the site.