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Wollersheim stepping down as RHS principal

John Wollersheim

ROSEMOUNT — "Helping all students reach their full potential" is the slogan of School District 196, a motto that Rosemount High School Principal John Wollersheim believes is the purpose of his work.

Wrapping up his 10th and final year as principal for the Fighting Irish, Wollersheim reflects on his career and what has made it so special.

Having worked as a coach, teacher and administrator, Wollersheim said his focus has always been on the students. For him, the whole point of education is getting them where they want to go and helping them accomplish what they want to accomplish.

Whether it is someone on a sports team he once coached or a successful alumni who thanked him for his teaching, Wollersheim believes that the bonds with former and current students are what make his life at Rosemount High School so rich.

"From the day I walked in the door as a 22-year-old guy, this place has always had this special community feeling," Wollersheim said.

One of Wollersheim's most recent memories is prom. Students and parents approached him to congratulate him on his retirement and made the night "pretty special."

Next school year, Wollersheim will be the assistant principal for Bethlehem Academy, a Catholic high school in Faribault.

Wollersheim said that he was greatly influenced by his alma mater, the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, and always thought that as he neared the end of his career, he'd like to pay it forward with some form of Catholic education.

While Wollersheim will miss the community at Rosemount High School, he said he believes it has an exciting future.

School District 196 is growing, bringing with it more students, coaches and administrators who will continue to enrich the community.

"It will be interesting to see what Rosemount will look like, 20, 30 years from now," Wollersheim said and he feels honored to have been part of such a wonderful community.