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Rosemount police chief to retire at end of February

Mitchell Scott

Rosemount Police Chief Mitchell Scott will retire his police badge in two weeks to take a career opportunity within the private sector.

"It was an opportunity and I was not looking to retire — I love my job and I love my boss and it is just an opportunity that just presented itself," Scott said. "Sometimes you have to change your course in life and take opportunities that present themselves."

He could not release the company name, explaining he wishes to give the company lead in making the announcement.

Scott notified Rosemount City Administrator Logan Martin of his departure Feb. 3. He plans to lead the police department through Feb. 28, and will embark on his new career March 4.

Rosemount Police Commander Mikael Dahlstrom will serve as interim police chief.

Scott, 53, was appointed police chief in July 2014 after serving as a captain for Apple Valley Police Department. Scott worked within civilian and military law enforcement for 32 years, including the U.S. Air Force. Scott, who resides in Farmington, said he does not plan to relocate with his new job.

"I have been very fortunate to be able to call myself the police chief of the Rosemount Police Department," Scott said. "I think we have the best bunch of officers ... and it has truly been the highlight of my police career," Scott said.

"Chief Scott has been a steady and positive leader for our police department and his service to this community is much appreciated," Martin said. "His emphasis on creating a culture of 'family' within the department has had a very positive impact for this otherwise challenging career. We wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors."

Dahlstrom gets recommended

Dahlstrom has worked for Rosemount police for 14 years.

"I think the next level of supervisors here are intelligent and I fully believe he (Dahlstrom) is capable to take the reins and if I had the control, I would say 'Make him the police chief because he is intelligent and he cares about the community and he grew up in the community,'" Scott said. "He (Dahlstrom) really buys into the family and caring. ... He will do that extra stuff that matters ... and I think he will do a great job moving forward," added Scott.

Strides during tenure

"I think I have made some strides while I have been here and we have made it a family-oriented atmosphere," Scott said.

During his tenure, Scott worked on initiatives to investigate reported crimes and prevent other violations. He led the department with promoting increased community interaction. The police department worked to update police badges and symbols within the department to showcase continuing service to the community.

The department has also undergone a modernization of internal processes. Scott led an analysis to forecast the needs for new municipal facilities that can keep pace with public safety as the city grows.

The city of Rosemount was reported to be one of safest communities in Minnesota and last summer a community survey reported 92 percent of respondents graded police service in Rosemount as excellent or good, a level higher than national benchmarks for satisfaction with law enforcement.

Looking forward

The city plans to hire two new police officers this July. Scott said the hirings will help improve the work-life balance of police officers as it will provide additional bodies when individuals get injured or something else comes up.

"The mental health and wellness is important for officers and we have to make sure they are healthy, and we don't want to overwork them," Scott said.

Rosemount City Council will discuss how to move forward in selecting a new police chief during an upcoming work session.