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National survey reports Rosemount residents desire new rec facility

Rosemount residents voiced support in a future recreational facility that could include a fitness center, indoor track or a swimming pool.

The National Research Center mailed surveys to 1,600 households and 575 responded. The city deploys a survey to residents every two years, with the goal to uncover residents' opinions regarding the strengths and challenges living in the city.

Survey results showed 38 percent of residents reported strong support in property taxes rising to support a recreational facility. Fourteen percent were strongly opposed.

Results also report 48 percent said they would somewhat support tax increases for a new police station or public works building and 18 percent of residents strongly supported it. In addition, about 54 percent reported property taxes were about right, while 33 percent said taxes were a little high. Nine percent reported their property taxes were much too high.

The city paid about $17,000 for the survey, Rosemount City Administrator Logan Martin said.

Survey results showed residents are generally happy to live in Rosemount, with the shared concern of the city's economy and lack of retail shopping and downtown development.

"That is the focus of our council and the residents confirmed that," Martin said.