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Wollersheim is new RHS principal

Rosemount High School's new principal doesn't have to worry about learning his way around the building. He's spent most of his career there.

On Tuesday District 196 superintendent John Currie selected John Wollersheim to replace current RHS principal Greg Clausen, who will retire at the end of June. Wollersheim is currently an assistant principal at RHS.

Wollersheim started his teaching career at a Catholic school but he came to RHS as a social studies teacher and a coach in 1984, his second year out of college. He spent five years at Eagan High School and one at Hastings High School but the rest of his career has been at RHS. He became an assistant principal in 1996.

Wollersheim is perfectly happy to stay at the school where he's spent so much of his professional life.

"This is a city and a community and a school that is my home and it's a place I love," Wollersheim said. "It's a great place."

Wollersheim isn't entirely new to the principal's job at RHS. When Clausen was diagnosed with leukemia a few years ago Wollersheim stepped in as interim principal from April through January.

Wollersheim's connections to RHS go beyond his job, too. Both of Wollersheim's daughters graduated from RHS. His older son is a senior at the school and younger son is a seventh grader and looking forward to attending RHS.

History aside, Wollersheim knows he's got some things to learn before he moves down the hall to Clausen's office. He'll have to do that while finishing up his current responsibilities. Wollersheim is currently working on the master schedule for the 2009-10 school year.

Wollersheim believes the 12 years he's spent in charge of academic operations have taught him what he needs to know for his new job. He looks forward to working with RHS staff in his new role and to working with the greater Rosemount community.

"I feel like that's been a really good preparation for this," he said. "I really believe in team decision making, so the lucky thing for me is I'm surrounded by hundreds of great people who are going to be my partners.

"I'm hoping to bring anyone who's interested in our school to the table."