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Letter: Rep. Anna Wills supports agenda to help Minnesota grow

The Legislature plays an important role in ensuring Minnesota is ready for the future — ready for change and ready to grow. Our policymakers must identify those statewide actions that create economic opportunity and growth. As president of the Dakota County Regional Chamber and a resident of Rosemount, I urge you to once again support Anna Wills for the Minnesota House of Representatives (57B).

Minnesota cannot rest on its’ laurels. Though we lead the nation in many categories, the cost of doing business unfortunately ranks among the highest in the country, too. We need legislators who will advance those policies to build on the state’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses. Rep. Wills is an extremely thoughtful and dedicated leader. She has worked hard during her last two terms on behalf of the Rosemount area and understands our challenges in today’s global economy. She deserves our vote again on Nov. 8.