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Letter: Clausen unwavering in support for children with autism

Since I met him four years ago, Sen. Greg Clausen has been unwavering in his support of children with autism and their families. He always takes the time necessary to discuss issues relating to my son Noah, who has autism. We once spoke for over an hour and Sen. Clausen was genuinely interested in learning about the issues that affect families of children with disabilities in Minnesota.

Sen. Clausen was instrumental in passing a law to expand coverage for autism treatments, and co-authored several bills to improve access to early treatment and reduce the financial burden on families of children with disabilities. He continues to listen, visit my home or Noah’s school, attend meetings on inclusion in the community, and engage stakeholders to come up with meaningful solutions to issues as they arise. He wants to continue to help reduce the barriers to help families with disabilities. He is a very sincere person and wants to help both on the educational level was well as the Health and Human Service side too.

Senator Clausen is a role model to all; a strong leader in the Minnesota Senate. He has more than earned my vote. Now anyone has access to vote early so they don’t have to wait in the long lines on voting day. This is essential for many families like mine that we have many options to vote early.