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Rosemount boys lacrosse builds "Legacy Wall" at RHS

A picture of the "Legacy Wall" soon after it was constructed early this winter. Photo courtesy of Lance Kuehn1 / 2
A view of the wall as you walk on the sidewalk toward Rosemount High School. Photo courtesy of Lance Kuehn2 / 2

If you have driven by Rosemount High School and the Rosemount Community Center in the last few months, you most likely have seen a solitary wall standing in the middle of the practice fields. Standing 12-feet tall and 20-feet wide, it is the "Legacy Wall," conceived by boys lacrosse head coach Lance Kuehn and built with the support of the Rosemount boys lacrosse program, Irish alumni and the Rosemount community.

The concept of the wall is simple; players throw balls against it to practice passing, shooting, fielding the ball, etc.

Kuehn said the idea was inspired by similar walls he has seen out east and on social media.

"I thought it was something that we needed in Rosemount," he explained. "It gives players an opportunity to practice with a teammate or by themselves to get better. With it being close to the RCC, being close to the dome, being close to the high school, it's in a centralized location and we practice right by there in the spring and summer. So if the guys show up early or come late, it gives them no reason to not be able to practice and a space to call our own."

Kuehn said he wanted to be able to fit a line (a lacrosse line is three players) so that during practice the odd line out would still be able to practice while waiting their turn. He approached the booster club, alumni and former players to see who would be able to help them build the wall. Through those contacts, shared information and general goodwill, they found someone willing to make a significant donation of time and resources to build the wall at an affordable price.

This is when the idea to put plaques on the wall in honor of players, teams and organizations came into being. Dakota Awards and Engraving did all the plaques on the bricks at a reduced price. Kuehn then reached out to the alumni and community to purchase a brick for the wall, some in honor of current and past players, other Rosemount lacrosse teams and other RHS organizations. Even rival lacrosse programs donated bricks in support.

The whole process took about one month. Kuehn announced the idea at the end of October, started taking donations Nov. 1, and by Thanksgiving had enough donations and bricks to build the wall, which was constructed in three days. Come spring, the Rosemount National Art Society will be painting a mural representing Rosemount on the wall in an effort to make the wall a "Rosemount project," not just a "Rosemount lacrosse project." The mural will be visible from the high school as well as from the RCC, dome and from the road.

Kuehn sees the wall as the result of efforts to reach out to alumni and the community beyond what is the normal for high school teams, which he says makes it even more special.

"We're bringing in more than just skilled athletic players, we're building up our players in other ways, as responsible citizens and members of our community," he said. "I think that's why this wall was so successful as far as people wanting to be a part of it. As much as we're building a wall, we're also building a community and that's the legacy we're trying to leave."

Alec Hamilton

Alec Hamilton is a RiverTown Multimedia sports reporter covering Hastings, Farmington and Rosemount athletics. He graduated from Drake University with a journalism degree in 2014. 

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