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Dissolution: Southwind Stables

Friday, May 29, 2009 - 12:57pm

Notice of Corporate Dissolution To

All Creditors of and Claimants Against Southwind Stables, Inc.

On May 27, 2009, Southwind Stables, Inc., a Minnesota corporation, is in the process of dissolving. It filed its Notice of Intent to Dissolve with the Minnesota Secretary of State on May 27, 2009. Dissolution will occur within the time period permitted by Minn. Stat. §302A.727

All persons and organizations with claims against the Corporation must submit a written summary of the claim to Southwind Stables, Inc., c/o Carol Greeman, 10171 - 240th Street E, Lakeville, MN 55044, including: 1) claimant's name, address and telephone number; 2) claim amount; 3) date(s) claim accrued (or will accrue); 4) brief description of the nature of the debt or basis for the claim; and 5) if the claim is secured, and if so, the collateral used as security. Claims are due no later than close of business on August 27, 2009.

Because of the dissolution, any claims against Southwind Stables, Inc. will be barred unless a proceeding to enforce the claim is commenced within the period called for under Minn. Stat. §302A.727(4), or as otherwise authorized by statute.