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Meyers named February's featured author

Melissa Meyers1 / 2
"Beneath the Ancient Dust: Inspirational Stories from Nine Years in Afghanistan," by Melissa Meyers.2 / 2

The Rosemount Area Arts Council will welcome Melissa Meyers to its February "Meet the Author" event 6-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21, at Robert Trail Library. The event is free to attend.

Meyers will feature "Beneath the Ancient Dust: Inspirational Stories from Nine Years in Afghanistan." This nonfiction book takes stories from the almost 10 years that Meyers and her family spent living in Afghanistan.

When the author began to work in Afghanistan with an international aid and development organization, she stepped into a world vastly different from her Western worldview. Her senses were assailed with images of pastures dotted with sheep, men plowing in fields, women in flowing head coverings, green tea being poured into glass cups, and fresh bread baking in tandoors. It was an ancient land with antiquated rules. These experiences of encountering a pastoral society were intertwined with the reality of the nation of Afghanistan having an international crisis at its doorstep. Through these everyday experiences, the author began to find truth and meaning that coupled with her faith.