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Digging into Rose Hill history

Construction crews excavating a basement for a proposed home in Nininger Township in 2017 prompted an investigation when they discovered human remains. Researchers and neighbors later identified the property as the former Rose Hill Cemetery site. Maureen McMullen / RiverTown Multimedia

A forgotten cemetery discovered in Nininger Township caused a stir in 2017.

Now Jeremy Jackson, recruiter at Hamline University and avid genealogical researcher from the State Archeologists Office, will talk Tuesday, Aug. 14, about how researchers found the answers to Rose Hill Cemetery.

He will speak at 7 p.m. at the LeDuc Historic Estate, 1629 Vermillion St.

During excavation the contractors discovered that the area had once been a burial ground. The name plate for the grave of Robert Caleff was discovered and immediately the information went to the Hamline Historical Human Remains Project.

Jackson and five other researchers took on the project and within two hours they were able to identify whose graves had been unearthed. The casket of Henrietta Caleff was a steel box with a window so only the face could be seen.

Henrietta had passed away before Robert and the cost of this type of casket would have been $300 while a wooden casket of the day would have cost $1, they said. The reason for Henrietta's casket being made of steel was that perhaps she had died from "consumption" or tuberculosis, which was highly contagious.

Among the living relatives Jackson located are brother Paul and Fritz Morlock, their great-great-grandfather who was Robert Caleff's brother. Paul Morlock is a Hastings resident and retired owner of Law's Nursery; Fritz Morlock is a St. Paul resident. It is their hope to have the bodies buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Hastings with a proper graveside service.

Another mystery that Jackson was involved with was when excavators found human remains at the Hastings CVS Pharmacy location in 2014. It will be of great interest to learn how these remains were identified without any clues.

This meeting is free & open to the public. Come learn how another mystery has been solved by using modern day technology.