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Biscayne Business Park caters to warehouse, manufacturing

An artist's rendering of the Biscayne Business Park in Rosemount. Submitted graphic

ROSEMOUNT — Eight commercial buildings could become a new hub that would house warehouse and light manufacturing businesses along Biscayne Avenue.

The Rosemount Planning Commission heard a proposal for Biscayne Business Park during a recent public hearing meeting.

Jim Connelly of APPRO Development outlined a proposal that called for building an 18,000-square-foot facility. The building would become the first of eight commercial buildings.

The potential new business park is designed to become a hub for commercial businesses ranging from light manufacturing, warehousing and office space.

The commercial spots within the new business park could accommodate 15,000 to 20,000 square feet of space and be constructed on 15 acres of agricultural land.

Rosemount senior city planner Kyle Klatt outlined the intention of the business park would be to attract small businesses ready to operate from a commercial site. The developer aims to market and sell individual lots and have one owner for each new commercial building.

Since Biscayne Avenue is now a gravel road, the city would work to pave the roadway.

Connelly said the business park aims to cater to small business owners that are hoping to move out of a lease situation or a garage location.

City staff would work on issues related to possible stormwater runoff and potential flooding issues.

Stephanie Smith, assistant city engineer, explained this area may experience flooding due to the record snowfall this winter.

The city would work on a solution for stormwater and make sure the new development would meet requirements. The city would also make sure there would not be an increase in the rate of stormwater leaving the land on this potential, future commercial site.