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Listening with her fingers: Massage therapist opens business in Farmington

Massage therapist Erin Larson recently opened Serenity Therapy in Farmington inside the Fairview Clinic building to offer Swedish and deep-tissue massage. Kara Hildreth / contributor

Selecting a business name turned out to be serendipitous for this massage therapist.

"Serenity means massage or serene and Erin means peace," said Erin Larson, massage therapist and proprietor of Serenity Therapy in Farmington.

Larson said she loves the tranquil work of massage, working in a quiet, serene work environment. Now she has opened her own massage studio, she looks forward to bringing serenity and peace to others.


"I have been told I am a good listener and I think that stretches into massage because I can listen to the body and muscles and what is going on and needs work in the areas of the body," said said.

Larson, 36, focuses on giving Swedish and deep-tissue massages.

"I am able to quiet my own mind and listen to my own breath and connect with my clients," she said.

Larson recalls she loved giving massages to her family and her mother growing up.

Professionally, she began her massage therapy journey in 2006 when she worked as a myofascial release specialist for North Shore resorts from Lutsen to Grand Marais. She decided to pursue a formal education in massage therapy and in 2009 she graduated from Duluth Business University.

Serenity Therapy opened Dec. 20.

The new massage therapy studio is housed inside Imperial Family Chiropractic office on the second floor of Fairview Clinic located off Pilot Knob Road.

"Swedish massage is done with oils and it is the technique that people think of when they think of massage with the long, gliding strokes and gentle, kneading strokes," Larson said.

"Deep-tissue is not necessary where you dig down deep, but you are going to concentrate on focusing on the deeper muscles and it is the static, deeper pressure," she explained.

"When you feel tension in your muscles, I will kind of gently apply a little pressure and if the body will allow me to go a little bit deeper, then I will apply a little more pressure," Larson added.

Many may view massage as a personal luxury or gift to be given for a special occasion, Larson said, but there are many natural body benefits to massage.

"It helps to regulate your body so all your body systems work well, and it can help you by increasing your circulation, and massage helps to move body fluids and blood toward the heart and, by improving your circulation, then you can see how more nutrients and oxygen are moving to all your body parts," she said.

Massage can allow the body to process toxins more efficiently, she contends. Besides promoting relaxation for the mind and muscles in the body, massage can be beneficial to promote an increased wellness and improve the overall general muscular health. Massage may reduce symptoms for some who suffer from the winter blues or experience symptoms of seasonal affective disorder during Minnesota's long, dark winter months.

"I love being a massage therapist because no matter how busy and chaotic the outside world may be, the hours spent in the massage room are periods of peace, relaxation and serenity, a time that glides by with leisure rather than feeling like you are racing the clock, and it is a great joy to bring comfort to others and especially those who find themselves in need of moments of peace."