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Forty-seven finish Grandma's Marathon

Forty-seven area runners, 36 from Rosemount and 11 from Farmington, completed Grandma's Marathon Saturday, June 17, from Two Harbors to Duluth.

Rob Donahue was the top area finisher, running a 26.2-mile time of 3 hours, 16 minutes, 30 seconds to place 484th out of 6,439 runners. Farmington runners Jennifer Bergstrom and Sarah Morgan both broke four hours and placed in the top 20 percent of the 2,932 women's division finishers.

Other Farmington runners to complete the race were and Olena Vaughan, David Schumacher, Alex Frost, Travis Sweet, Joely Dimian, Amy Schulz, Ottilie Walls and Paul Watson.

Diane Weyrens led all Rosemount finishers with a time of 3:44:50 that placed her 347th in the women's field. Joe Carlson, Scott Putman, Joshua Williamson, Paula Grismer, Barry Williamson, Jordan Nelson and Brent Anderson all broke the four-hour barrier.

Other Rosemount runners were Alyssa Pilger, Mark Adam, Blair Aakre, Matthew Bigelow, Stein Bruch, Matthew Caudill, Mike Bullock, Joshua Olson, Alena Rakita, Benjamin Burns, Heather O'Leary, Jesse Webb, Masahiro Sugii, Benjamin Domingo, Rachel Chamberlain, Tawnya Ganesh, Anna Grausnick, Josie Domingo, Becca Swords, Dick Swords, Jr., Amy Adam, Don Soule, Steve Heidenreich, Mike Westermeier, John Kinsella, Jon Coronel, Cheryl Alementi and Brian Alementi.