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Dance show has a little bit of everything

RHS dancers rehearse for their upcoming show this weekend.2 / 3
RHS students choreographed 22 of the 24 pieces in this year's show.3 / 3

You never know quite what you're going to get at Rosemount High School's annual dance show. In just the first handful of pieces in this year's edition, modern dance gives way to hip hop, which bumps up against a large-group tap number inspired by the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Unlike the smaller show put on each year by the school's Modern Company, the performance on stage this weekend is inclusive and wide-ranging. It's a grab-bag of performances, most choreographed by students, that serves as a kind of window in to the dance-based backgrounds, interests and talents of the performers who are involved.

"There are pieces about hardship, friendship, personal journeys and historical references," dance teacher Christina Morris said. "Through the work I sense I am understanding more about the choreographer."

Some pieces in the show, called From Passion Comes Purpose, are filled with personal meaning. Others are all about entertainment -- focusing on the look and energy of the dance rather than the message it might convey.

"Each choreographer has poured their heart and soul into the work and I am proud of the outcome," Morris said.

This year's edition features 24 pieces, 22 of which were choreographed by students. The show will be on stage at the RHS performing arts center at 7 p.m. March 1 and 2.