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VFW preps pitchers for playoffs

With the playoffs getting underway tonight at South St. Paul, Rosemount VFW coach Scott Eul used the last two games of the regular season to gain a little bit more experience for his pitching staff.

Six pitchers toed the rubber during last week's games. Some threw pretty well, according to Eul, while others struggled at times, but ultimately it was eight errors that hurt Rosemount in an 8-1 home loss to Farmington and a 12-2 setback against New Prague.

"We pretty much tried to get all of our pitchers in. Nobody got in more than three innings. We threw a bunch of kids and tried to get them ready for the playoffs," Eul said. "We're still trying to get them all throwing strikes and being consistent, which we did at times but our defense got a little lazy. We need to work on that going into the playoffs."

Rosemount also scored just three runs in the two games, which Eul added to list of things his 7-13 team needs to improve upon to make a post-season run.

"We need to come through with situational hitting. We tend to get guys on base, then not get them over and end up not getting any runs," he said. "We need to get runs any way we can and make the routine plays on defense and we'll be alright."

Alex Hassebroek will get the mound start in tonight's playoff opener.