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Girls soccer: Another playoff lesson learned

Rosemount junior midfielder Piper Murray gets a pass off during last week's 4-0 Section 3AA win over Farmington at Irish Stadium.

The goal this season for the Rosemount girls soccer team was to advance one step further than it had last season.

Last year, the Irish hosted a playoff game and made it to the section semifinals.

Each year under coach Kevin Adams, Rosemount has sought and eventually accomplished more, with each successive season culminating in last year's breakthrough.

The Irish wanted another step -- a trip to the section finals -- this season.

"It was our goal, after the semifinals last year, we wanted to get to the finals," Adams said. "No question I thought it was there for us. You have to be a consistent team to get there and have a lot of things go well for you. We did have a lot of things go well, but at the end of the day, we ran up against a team that was tournament-tested and has been there more times than we have."

Rosemount (11-5-4) earned another home playoff game this season, eventually beating Farmington 4-0. In the second round, the Irish ran into top seed and No. 5 ranked Eagan and lost, 2-0.

"They were very poised," Adams said of Eagan. " They were able to get a couple of chances and put it in on us. The problem we had this year a little bit, at this time of the year you need to have multiple scoring threats. Eagan is a team with multiple scoring threats and we were not able to get that to emerge.

"I think the girls learned a little more of what it takes this time of year. It's important that we get here every year and we'll try and get a little further."

In the playoff opener, Rosemount had its scoring touch, led by its leading scorer.

Shade Pratt scored three goals on six shots. Kate Mallory made seven saves for the shutout.

The Irish outshot Farmington 17-10.