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Boys golf: Golfers 9th on home course

Rosemount boys golf coach Greg Gamache has talked repeatedly this season about the need to keep his team mentally ready.

Gamache knows the importance of his golfers being in the right frame of mind for matches. Gamache knows it's best to peak and be fresh for the end of the season, as the Irish did last season.

"In every sport it's really hard to keep that razor's edge," Gamache said.

Rosemount has struggled with the mental side of the game in recent matches, and it's shown in the team scores. The Irish placed seventh at the Dakota County Invitational on Saturday and was ninth in a Lake Conference meet last week.

"This year we came out strong," Gamache said. "The good news is they know they can do it. It's a matter of getting back in that mindset. They have to want it."

The results from the Dakota County Invitational might have been the most frustrating.

The Irish won the event last year. This year, they shot a combined 337 on their home course.

John Erlandson led Rosemount with a 79, placing him in a tie for ninth.

"The fact that we had to use a 90, that's really rough," Gamache said. "It hurts to use an 85, to be honest, in a tournament like that. It's our home course. We were the defending champions. We had high expectations. We were missing Eric Frahm and Tony Lorence and it hurts to lose your No. 2 and No. 3 golfers, but still, no excuses.

"We should be able to do better than that on our home course."

Charlie Frahm shot an 83. Sam Reber had an 85. Jonathan Featherstone received his first varsity start and shot a 96. Frahm and Featherstone's emergence, along with the continued progress of Josh Doyle might be leading Gamache to alter his lineup.

"We feel like the younger guys have been a breath of fresh air," Gamache said. "We really need the leaders, the seniors, to step up. We're not asking them to play the best rounds of their life. We want them to play their average rounds."

Reber and Eric Frahm each shot a 78 at Brackett's Crossing in the Lake Conference meet last week, but the Irish combined for a 326.

"One thing that's really been a problem is throwing bad shots away," Gamache said. "You have to put them to bed. When you make a bad shot, it's over. There is nothing you can do about it. It's really hard for an adult to do, let alone an 18-year old."