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Boys golf: Expecting big things

With several top golfers returning the Rosemount boys golf team expects big things this spring.

The recent warmer weather has been a boost to the Rosemount boys golf team.

In past seasons, the Irish might have done some indoor hitting while preparing for the season. Once they finally hit the course, it was often time to begin tryouts right away.

With this season's weather cooperating, Rosemount took its time narrowing down the golfers that would fill out the varsity squad.

"Normally we start tryouts immediately," second-year coach Greg Gamache said. "This year, we had a week for the guys to hit around and work with the coaches if they wanted, and just try to prepare for tryouts."

The Irish also return several experienced golfers this season, putting them further ahead of where they might be most seasons.

Junior Sam Reber returns after making it to the state tournament last season. Senior Eric Frahm is back as well. Frahm missed qualifying for last year's state tournament by just a single stroke. He was a state qualifier as a sophomore.

Reber averaged a 79 last season, while Frahm averaged an 80. Senior Tony Lorence averaged an 84 and will likely figure into this year's varsity lineup.

Including seniors Tony Leske, Christian Kittleson, Alex Speer and Dakota Menge, juniors Charlie Frahm and John Erlandson, and sophomore Josh Doyle, the Irish might have the depth that gave them such high hopes heading into last season.

"Last year we started poorly and we were not living up to the expectations that this team had been building up for years," Gamache said. "Really around the Northfield and Hastings matches we kind of got on that run halfway through the season and picked it up. We played well from that point on."

Now the full-time head coach after spending last season with the interim title, the experience taught Gamache an important lesson.

"One thing I did learn as the interim coach is it's a long season," Gamache said. "It's really about finishing and keeping the guys playing competitive golf. With other sports like hockey it's about keeping the team fresh and everyone talks about peaking. In golf, you need to keep them more mentally fresh than physically."

If this week is any indication, Gamache believes his team is ready to compete mentally.

"You look at (Tuesday) in the rain, they all wanted to play and keep those scores," Gamache said. "I threw it out to them. That tells me a lot. Its different if they tell me they want to do it, instead of me telling them."