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A quick recovery

The Irish girls basketball team rebounded from its first loss of the season with a big win over Farmington.

Rosemount girls basketball team Sam McDonald admits, for a moment, that some doubts about the Irish had crept into his mind.

McDonald's team started the season 4-0, but last Friday's 57-44 loss at Richfield caught the coach by surprise.

It wasn't because of the loss. McDonald knew it would be a tough game. But it was because of how the game unfolded. He just didn't see the same Irish team on the court that he had the first four games of the season.

"I told the girls at practice that I was unnerved a little bit in the respect that we didn't play anywhere near the level we had leading up to the game," McDonald said. "That can be unnerving as a coach."

McDonald's nerves are doing better these days.

Following the road loss at Richfield late last week, the Irish recovered to beat Farmington, 72-50, on Tuesday.

"We played wonderfully," McDonald said. "There was a little bit of a question mark in my mind going in. We really played well. We passed the ball wonderfully. The turnovers were a non-issue. We took great-looking shots and the defense was fantastic. You're always going to make some mistakes, but we made very few mistakes."

The win against Farmington helped confirm to McDonald he has a special team.

"Much happier, much more solid in my thinking again," McDonald said. "In a game like that you worry if you are going to have to revamp the way you play defense or how you will have to defend certain teams. It really starts you thinking. Last night was calming in the respect that they looked like the team they had looked like heading into the Richfield game."

Rachel Hoeppner and Elaine Warner helped to calm their coach. Each scored 22 points to lead the Irish.

Hoeppner was 5 of 6 on 3-point shooting and had four steals. Warner had a team-high eight rebounds. Sara Feeser had nine points and five steals.

It was a stark contrast to the Richfield game where the Irish shot just 27 percent from the field and had 18 turnovers.

Warner had 17 points and seven rebounds. Hoeppner and Feeser each scored 10 points.