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Soccer: Working hard, wanting more

When the coaching staff for the Rosemount boys soccer team got together before the first practice of the season, they immediately began suggesting new ideas.

The relaxed atmosphere, thanks to the return of each coach, allowed for a quality give-and-take session.

The coaches thought of a new approach to the first week of practice.

"We changed things up a bit for tryouts," Irish head coach Mike Floersch said. "We decided the first couple of days were just going to be pure working hard, running them hard, and seeing how they handle it. And their attitude is probably one of the best I've seen in a few years."

The spirit shown the first few days of practice this week has Floersch optimistic about this season. Combined with the fact he returns his largest group of seniors in five years, the pieces appear to be in place for success

"We're working them harder this year than we have in a long time," Floersch said. "We barely touched the ball and they are coming in with good attitudes. We just worked them really hard and they are still smiling, saying 'Hey, that was hard, but we can do that again. We can keep going.' No complaining at all.

"It's just very refreshing as a coach to come in and know we're going to be able to push these guys as hard as they want to be pushed. At the high school level it comes down to the players and what do they want. This year, I think they're going to reach for the sky and work hard to get there."

The first week of practice demonstrated just what Floersch needed to see.

"We're seeing mentally who's tough," Floersch said. "We're seeing physically who's tough. We're seeing who the leaders are."

Floersch has seen plenty of leadership, partly due to his large senior group.

Goaltender Nicholas Osborn was an All-Lake Conference selection last year and is one of the team's captains.

Other seniors include Brandon Jones, Andrew Huderle, Griffin Danes, Justin Wendel, Jared Sipe, Calvin Benson, Blake Sisson, and Brian Thomas.

Junior Dalton Cunningham returns after receiving varsity playing time as a sophomore.

Now the Irish have to see if the hard work and good attitudes pay off.