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Boys Basketball: Schnettler named boys hoops coach

When Mike Manning took over as varsity coach for the boys basketball program at Rosemount, he knew it was likely going to be a temporary solution.

When Manning declared last month that he was stepping down, his assistant coach, Bryan Schnettler, knew there was only one thing for him to do -- become the long-term solution

"Once Mike declared he was stepping down, it was a no-brainer for me," Schnettler said. "I wanted to take over the team, take the challenge of leading the program and continuing to build Rosemount basketball. We've got some good players in the program and the future looks good."

As athletic director, Manning wanted to find his replacement in a hurry, hopefully before the Rosemount tournaments later in April.

Without a teaching position to offer in the district, the priority quickly became finding someone within the district.

"We weren't in the position to start out fresh and do a big search, so we then looked at who was on staff and had the qualities to take over," Manning said. "The biggest thing with Bryan is his playing background. He had an phenomenal career, and he also played for two of the best coaches in this area.

"He's got all the skills to have a good basketball coaching career ahead of him."

Schnettler is from Sartell and played at the University of St. Thomas. He was a collegiate all-conference, all-region, all-american, team captain and team MVP. He also played for the Rochester team in the ABA.

Schnettler has also run his own AAU program, and will be active this summer in the Rosemount program.

"There is a lot of time between now and November," Schnettler said. "It's great to hear there's excitement about basketball and they want to build the program."