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Gymnastics Review: More steps taken

When assessing this past season, Rosemount gymnastics coach Jason Passeri has an easy way to determine if the Irish were successful.

It's all about weighing expectations against actual results

"Going into the year, I thought we might max out at 141 (points)," Passeri said of team scores. "I was not sure how tough things would be. So, I look at it and I think we overachieved. You look back and if you overachieve that's the best thing you can say. The season was a success. If you come back lower, you underachieved. You want teams to overachieve.

"The girls did great. I'm happy with how the season went."

After taking a respectable third place in the section meet, being happy can is all relative. The Irish hoped for more, but as time passes, the success are more apparent.

Junior Katie Murgic, and seniors Katrina Clayton and Tara Gottschling were named all-state.

Murgic, Gottschling, Clayton, sophomore Macy Stearns and eighth-grader Claire Judeh were all-section, while Murgic, Clayton and Gottschling were all-conference.

The Irish also finished third in the competitive Lake Conference, and they beat Lakeville South for the first time.

Murgic and Clayton tied for the team's MVP award.

And the future looks promising.

"We have 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5 clubs, and 16 of the 21 scored at least an 8.5," Passeri said. "We have a lot of young kids that are very athletic. I don't want to go in saying we are going to be one of the best next year. The other teams are going to be better too, but with the group we have, we should be competitive."