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Girls Basketball: Irish split a pair

There is a clear division among girls basketball teams in the Lake Conference.

Rosemount is part of the mixed-up middle. The Irish have tried to separate themselves but inconsistent results and equal matchups haven't let them break free.

"Those games, like Burnsville and Eagan, we're just evenly matched," Rosemount coach Sam McDonald said. "It's 'Even-Steven'. Those games are just going to go to the team that executes, that performs better that night. We were able to do that Friday against Burnsville, and not against Eagan."

The first five conference teams each finished with double-digit conference win totals. From there, Eagan had nine, Rosemount eight and Burnsville seven.

The Irish couldn't separate themselves last week after beating Burnsville 74-65, and losing Tuesday, 66-59, to Eagan.

It was only a two-point game at halftime, but Eagan took control in the second half.

"It was a game both of us needed," McDonald said. "Turnovers just killed us. So, it was a tough one to say the least."

Elaine Warner led the Irish with 15 points and 11 rebounds. Rachel Hoeppner scored 12, and Laurie Tyson added 11 points.

The Irish took a commanding early lead against Burnsville and held on after a Blaze rally.

Brianna Connor might have been the difference, going 12 of 14 from the free-throw line while scoring 15, and grabbing six rebounds and four steals.

Tyson scored 17, Hoeppner had 12 and Warner finished with 11.