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Boys Swimming & Diving: Conference title in sight for Rosemount

Faced with a pair of Lake Conference showdown meets during the past week, the Rosemount boys swimming and diving team has put itself in line for a conference title.

With an 86-84 victory last week against Burnsville, and a 109-77 win against Eden Prairie on Tuesday, the Irish have staked claim to a possible Lake Conference title following two of the biggest dual meets of the conference season. In between, Rosemount won the Simley invitational meet.

It was quite a week for the No. 3 ranked Irish.

"I think overall we're pleased," Rosemount coach Jim Ertl said. "We're obviously going to keep improving, but we're happy with how we did. I was impressed with how they stepped up for (Burnsville). That was a hard meet to win. There aren't many easy meets in the conference."

As expected, the matchup with Burnsville was close, coming down to the final event. But, the 200-yard freestlye relay and 100 backstroke a few events earlier gave Rosemount the cushion it would need.

David Stern, Max Hubbard, Adam Cody, and Devon Meeks combined to win the 200 freestyle relay, with John Hannasch, Nikita Klochan, David Officer and Alex Roberts taking third place and a 10-4 Irish point-swing.

Tristan Boyd then won the 100 backstroke for a 74-66 lead with two events remaining.

A 2-3-5 finish in the 400 freestyle relay allowed Rosemount to hang on for the victory. The Irish might have won by more, but there is no diving in Burnsville and that event likely would have padded the Irish point total.

"They are a couple of swimmers short of beating us," Ertl said. "They out-pointed us in a few spots, but we had enough to make it work. It took all of our kids in varsity to put that thing together.

"I don't think I would have changed anything in the lineup, which is a good thing."

Jake Lehmann, Stern, Tony Spiel and Cody won the200 medley relay.

Meeks won the 200 and 500 freestyle races.

Stern won 50 freestyle, and Hubbard won the 100 freestyle.

In a bit of a shock to Ertl, the Irish didn't seem to have much trouble with Eden Prairie.

Lehmann, Stern, Spiel and Cody won the 200 medley relay. Then Meeks and Hubbard went 1-2, respectively, in the 200 freestyle as Rosemount opened the lead.

Stern won the 50 freestyle before Anthony Tooley won the diving competition with John Tubbs coming in second.

Meeks then won the 100 butterfly and Max Hubbard took first in the 100 freestyle as the Irish won four events in a row.

Stern also won the 100 breaststroke.

"It was close up to diving," Ertl said. "Our divers did a great job and we started pulling away. They can't cover all the races with any kind of depth like we have."

And that team depth gives Ertl something else to shoot for, this week's True Team section meet to be held Saturday at Rosemount Middle School.

"I would be shocked if we not in the thick of it," Ertl said. "We hope to win, but if we aren't at least in the middle of things I would be shocked. That's our goal: True Team section and then maybe True Team state next weekend."