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Rosemount finds its groove

Throughout the past couple of weeks, Rosemount's VFW baseball team had been struggling with an "identity crisis," according to coach Rene Jimenez.

"I think we have been struggling to find our identity," Jimenez said. "People are still challenging and trying to see where everyone fits in."

However, on Monday that all changed after an 18-1 victory over Bloomington Gold.

"With our win on Monday, I had decided on a lineup and it exploded," Jimenez said. "We have kind of fallen into a groove."

In fact, against Bloomington every player in the lineup scored at least one run, and seven players had multiple hits.

"We were crushing inside pitches ... we were crushing outside pitches ... we were crushing pitches down the middle," Jimenez said. "We were driving the ball."

Last week, Prior Lake defeated Rosemount, 10-4.

"Two of our most solid pitchers struggled," Jimenez said. "The defense struggled. There were holes in the defense that did not help the pitching."

On Saturday, Rosemount lost 11-5 to New Prague.

"That was an interesting game," Jimenez said. "Despite the circumstances, the team never gave up."

Rosemount will be back in action on July 8.