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Letter: The city's route to tax relief?

To the editor,

At the intersection of McAndrews and Robert Trail there is acreage for sale. A developer has received the approval of the Rosemount Planning Commission. We can assume the commission did due diligence and all requirements were met. The development is a Planned Unit Development.

As a PUD the usual zoning requirement of 2.5 acres does not apply. The approval will allow a two-acre lot size. It appears to be suitable for septic though a large portion of the acreage is cat tailed. It may not qualify as wetland. Since no environmental impact was required it must meet the city’s requirements. A private party building a retirement home west of the development was required to have an impact statement. Not being a PUD situation the rules must vary.

If the city council approves the plan the developer intends to sell off two-acre lots.

Local owners in excess of two acres should see this as good news. Effectively the city council grants a 20 percent smaller lot, as suitable. Ergo, lower taxes.

Nice, huh? 

The council seeks to hold or lower taxes at every turn. The developer in the case in point is a good example. As a taxpayer you should expect the same opportunity.

Rezoning land and the clever use of a PUD makes this possible.

If you own less than two acres there is hope. Approach the council and indicate your desire to own less square footage and reduce your taxes as well, just like the developer will offer buyers. It appears at the moment 20 percent is what the city is willing to deal on. In the future the tax reduction may in fact increase since lower taxation is in vogue.

Does it sound like more regulation? In this case it benefits a developer so it is justifiable apparently.

As an existing property owner having paid taxes in Rosemount you should expect fair treatment. Ask the council what is your path to lower taxes.

Expect great things from our city council. They will offer you a path to tax relief out of fairness. Won’t they?

Jeff Wilfahrt,