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Letter: Schools need more money, parent says

To the editor,

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

I ask all residents of School District 196 to show their support and care for our community by voting to replace the existing 2005 levy referendum with a new levy that will help the district maintain its outstanding quality and programs.

When we moved to Rosemount just over eight years ago, the advice we received over and over again was, “just make sure you are in school District 196.” It was very good advice! Our children are now in elementary school and like all parents, we want them to have every opportunity possible. My daughter is a fourth grader who will be very disappointed if fifth grade band is eliminated. She currently sits in a class of 28 students, and if class sizes increase even more, how can we expect our teachers to effectively teach? How will our kids succeed and lead in a competitive global economy if the quality of our schools cannot be maintained?

The great news is that we can maintain the quality and level of programs with an average home in the district seeing an increase in their property taxes of less than $5 per month! So don’t be alarmed at the polls when you read the statement that you are voting for an increase in property taxes with a yes vote. For most people, it is a cup of coffee or two. That is a small price to pay to maintain the educational quality and programs that District 196 is known for.

Please vote yes on Nov. 5 to support our children and teachers, our communities, and the future of our schools in District 196.

Amy Sutton,