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Letter: Government is overstepping its bounds

To the editor,

The federal bailout binge brings many questions to mind. Should government be doing the things it is doing? Is it being wise or foolish? Is it doing right or wrong? Is it overstepping into areas never intended for government to go?

Government has certain divinely ordained functions: national security and civil justice to name a couple. Government has God given authority. As the Old Book says, there is no authority except from God, and those that exist are established by God. It could also be that there is a divinely suggested structural dynamic for government when we consider the Trinity, three persons with delegation, submission and accountability demonstrated within itself.

Examples of government overstepping into areas it does not belong are everywhere. For example, China allowing only one child per couple, Canada's Human Rights Commission's religious persecution of Bible based ministries and our own United States' dictating of minimum wages and maximum salaries illustrate reaching into spheres of family, religion, labor and economics where it has no divine commission or authority. Our current bailout mania may be nothing more than the old proverb, "the road to ruin is paved with good intentions." This could have been avoided if government understood and stayed to the sphere it was intended for.

Man in his pride, using misguided reason and evolutionary law, rather than timeless truths and principles, will not solve the problems facing us personally, locally, nationally or globally. To any person in school or governmental authority I encourage you in this. All authority comes from God. It is a delegated authority. You need to know the timeless truths and principles of Him who gives it if you are going to exercise it well. Only then will you exercise it well.

Along with this sacred stewardship comes accountability. We will all give an account to Him one day for how we lived and this includes how we exercised any authority we were given for a time in this life. We have a term, "public servant," to describe people working on the tax payers dime for the common good. May we each live with the goal in our minds and hearts, to one day hear these words from the giver of all authority, which will bring no greater joy, "well done good and faithful servant."

Marlo Pranke