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Column: How to prepare your home for flooding

With the large amount of snow and rain during the winter and ground saturated from last fall, cities in the Midwest with in low lying areas have been preparing for spring floods.

Slowed down by cooler temperatures, the weathermen are warning about slower rising waters with two crests.

Living in Minnesota, we know how unpredictable our weather is. If you were one of the families notified that you had hours to evacuate, would you be prepared to leave your home until the waters receded?

Below I have listed a few suggestions that might help you plan for a fast exit.

1. Have a family meeting and make sure everyone has contact information. A flood could happen when someone is out of town or even at work.

2.Pack medications for a week for members of the family along with a list of the medications everyone takes.

3. Pack warm clothing and bring change of clothes

4. Take a warm blanket in the car.

5. Make plans with family or friends where you could bunk for this time.

6. Put important documents and photos in one place where you can grab and run

7. Keep some cash on hand for emergencies.

8. Pack any medical supplies you may need

9. Don't forget necessities for children, including something to keep older ones occupied.

10. Last, don't forget your pets, the food, dishes and even their beds.

If you are asked to leave and elect not to, you will be responsible for your needs, including medications, food, water, a radio with batteries, a cell phone charged along with adapters just in case. If the utilities go out you need to keep warm.

If you think you may have to leave your home, watch the weather warnings, have your supplies ready to go and make arrangements with your family. With our unpredictable Minnesota weather, things change so fast.

Be safe and prepared, not sorry.

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1 can peas, reserve liquid

1 can tuna

1 can mushrooms

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 1/2 cup celery, diced and parboiled in liquid from peas

Combine ingredients and layer mixture with chow mein noodles. Bake in 375 degree oven for 30 minutes. Yield: six servings