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Editorial: Good news comes with bad

The front page of this week’s edition is something of a study in contrasts. Two of the four stories focus on the good that can happen in a community. The other two cover somewhat less pleasant subject matter.

One story is about Art Blast, a first-year effort to bring a week of arts-related activities to Rosemount. The other is about Shelly Milton, a Rosemount police employee battling breast cancer and the community that has rallied to support her and her family.

They’re good stories. They’re stories about a community bringing something new to its residents or coming together to help one of those residents through a difficult time. But they’re they’re not the stories likely to get the most attention this week.

The other two stories on this week’s front page are a reminder of the darkness to be found even in generally peaceful cities like Farmington and Rosemount. They’re about Laura Simonson, the Farmington woman who left a local parking lot and wound up dead in a suitcase in eastern Wisconsin. Or about Anarae Schunk, who connected with the wrong people one night last November and, it appears, was murdered in a Rosemount townhome.

We don’t see a lot of stories like these in Farmington and Rosemount, thank goodness. That’s something worth remembering when it’s the dark stories that draw the public’s attention.

We’ve had bad news here before. We certainly will again. But in between there are many more stories like Art Blast or the community’s support of one of its own.