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Editorial: There’s plenty to do this summer

The school year has ended, or is about to, for students in the Farmington and Rosemount school districts. Which means this week there are probably a lot of young people complaining there is nothing to do in their city.

It’s a ridiculous notion, of course. Though Farmington and Rosemount are far from bustling urban hubs, there is no shortage of activity to keep people busy over the summer months. Both cities have active branches of the Dakota County Library system, though Farmington’s is admittedly limited at the moment while its facility undergoes renovation. They offer popular summer reading programs and bring people in for activities on a regular basis. Both branches have teen advisory councils that help plan events.

Or, consider the trails. Both Farmington and Rosemount have well-developed trail systems, and Rosemount in particular has taken steps in recent years to become more bicycle-friendly.

Hop on a bike or just lace up some walking shoes and get out and explore, because while both cities are becoming increasingly suburban, they also still have a healthy amount of natural space residents can enjoy. Fish in the Vermillion River or Schwarz Pond. Wander through the University of Minnesota’s UMore property. Just make sure you don’t go anywhere you’re not supposed to be. There’s plenty there to see.

If none of that is of interest, look for a way to get involved in your community. Volunteer at Trinity Care Center in Farmington, or at the family resource center in Rosemount, just two places that would likely love to have some extra help from students looking for something to do. We’re sure there are plenty more.

It doesn’t take a lot to stay busy this summer in Farmington or Rosemount. All it takes is the willingness to take advantage of the opportunities that are there.