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Editorial: Legion's recognition is commendable

Most people never see the work that goes into being a police officer or a firefighter or an 911 dispatcher. Emergency workers stay busy behind the scenes to keep their city safe, and aside from the occasional thanks when they help someone out, much of what they do go unrecognized.

Police officers are more likely to run into someone upset about the speeding ticket they just got than someone who appreciates them. Firefighters often see people at their worst, either while their house is burning or after an accident. Dispatchers are rarely more than a voice on the other end of a phone line.

That’s why it is commendable that the Rosemount American Legion takes time out each year to recognize some of those people. On Saturday, as the Legion celebrated its 95th birthday, it handed out awards to the Police Officer, Firefighter and Dispatcher of the year. It is a moment of recognition for people who often don’t think that the work they do deserves any special mention.

Dealing with emergency situations is part of the job description.

Still, it’s nice to see them get a moment in the limelight.

The city could provide that recognition. Rosemount has an Employee of the Year program. But there is something nice about the recognition coming from someone other than the people who pay the paychecks. It’s a reminder that someone appreciates that behind-the-scenes work.

The Rosemount Legion’s tradition has been going on since the early 1990s. We hope it continues for many more years.