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Editorial: Do your part to fight crime

Crime happens even in seemingly quiet suburbs like Farmington and Rosemount. That’s not a surprise.

Perhaps slightly more surprising is the idea that crime happens on the scale recorded on the front page of this week’s Independent Town Pages. Over the course of several months Farmington police and officers from other area departments systematically unraveled a burglary ring that involved 30 or more people, more than 50 victims and thousands of dollars worth of losses.

It was a wide-ranging operation that involved simple burglaries, check frauds and more. All, apparently, in the name of feeding drug habits.

These kinds of incidents are rare in Farmington and Rosemount, but they are not unheard of. This week’s arrests are a reminder to lock your doors. Close your garage. Make sure your cars are secure and all of your valuables are inside.

There are people out there who will take things from you, and it’s not always isolated individuals working on a small scale.

Farmington and Rosemount are still very safe cities, obviously. Police departments in both cities work to keep them that way, and Farmington police did a lot of good work to take apart this particular operation. That work might not be over just yet.

Anything you can do to help will only make things better.